Hospital Aftercare

Most racehorses have common surgeries such as bone chips removed, throat surgery, lung ailments and fractures. We are well equipped to care for the post-surgery after care of these types of surgeries and more. We have Vets attending the property on a daily basis, namely Melbourne Equine Veterinary practice, but we also have many other depending on the preference of each trainer.

We have 11 boxes in the barn. Each box is attached to an undercover yards so horse have plenty of room to move and rubber flooring. We also have larger boxes  for horses that need to be more mobile and 3 isolation boxes.  Outside we have 12 yard boxes for horses who need to progress from the barn to a bigger area.

Our Facilities include:

  • Barn with  6  4x4m boxes with walk in walk out yards attached
  • Rubber flooring, shavings  or straw bedding
  • Wash bay, hot and cold water
  • Medical room
  • High intensity lights
  • Ceiling fans
  • 3 large boxes 5x5m garden view
  • 4 undercover large boxes 4x8m rubber lined horses are still restricted but have more movement.
  • 12 varying sized post and rail yards
  • 2 yard / boxes
  • Fully  qualified veterinary / equine nurse, 24 hrs supervision.
  • Daily veterinary visits(Melbourne Equine), Other vets if required
  • All aftercare procedures are supervised and checked by vets.