The farm is comprised of small paddocks and day yards ranging from  ¼  acre to 10 acre paddocks. This allows us to cater for shared or private spelling depending on the needs of each horse. The main property is used for aftercare and spellers, whilst next door is used for dry mares and younger stock. Beautiful tree lines protect the property and paddocks, providing privacy and shelter from winter and summer elements. On the next door property we also have a 5 box quarantine set up for horses that may need isolation. We also have a breeding area with crush, round yard and yards. Our paddocks have double post and rail and mesh fencing providing greater safety for the equine athletes that reside at Cloverdale.

Our Facilities include:

  • Paddocks ranging from ¼ acres-10 acres in size.
  • Post and rail and mesh double fencing
  • Horse shelters and tree line shelter belts
  • Private or shared paddocks
  • Horses hard  fed twice a day, hay if needed
  • Horses rugged summer and winter
  • Upon arrival horses are wormed unless advised
  • Horses will be Vaccinated for tetanus/stangles if required
  • Professional and caring staff, experienced with Thoroughbreds
  • Farrier visits Cloverdale twice  a week and when required
  • Melbourne Equine visits the farm daily, with other vets at clients request.
  • 24hr Supervision of horses with Kaz & Drew residing on the property.